Steam Punk Pendent

Name:       Lynette Fisk                                                                                 


Address:           1310 Cotton Wood Ave                                                          


City, State, Zip:       Pleasant Hill, MO 64080                                             


Phone:   816-987-2224                                       Cell: ___619-851-1263______



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Class Information


Class Title: (please make specific):   Steam Punk Pendant                                           ________


Class Description: _Using brass or copper blank shape, found objects, old watch parts and used chain, students will assemble a unique pendant on a chain. Techniques: metal stamping, patinating, riveting,


Medium:   _ cold connections                                              Length of class:    2 hours       ___

Day and time you would like to teach your class:

             Saturday    afternoon                               and/or Sunday                                    


Class Fee:    $30 _______________     Page 1 of  2 Kit Fee:       $20   __________


Kit includes:  brass or copper pendant blank, assorted hardware, eyelets, wire, chain or cord                                                                     



Will students be allowed to bring their own materials?  Yes__X_    No         

If so, what will they need? _old jewelry chains, metal charms, watch parts, found objects, selection of random beads and spacers_


Additional supplies needed:   TOOL:  small riveting or ball peen hammer, bench block, chain nose pliers, round nose pliers_____________________________________________


Skill Level (circle one):    Beginner   X     Intermediate  X     Advanced       

Class size:        Minimum_2______     Maximum__6___________