Ellipse Necklace

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Class description: This necklace was designed as an accessory piece to be worn with the Wrap and Drape Multi-Strand Bracelet. Japanese seed beads and Czech two-hole tile beads are used in the design. Working the design lengthwise in flat Ndebele (herringbone) stitch gives the necklace a soft, light-weight drape. Multiple strands of Ndebele Herringbone flow from a brick stitched triangle of tile beads. The necklace is comprised of five strands, each longer than the previous one. When working the flat Ndebele stitch, a size 15° bead is used on the edge to execute the turn. The length is easily adjusted by lengthening or shortening the length of the each of the five strands or each of the single Ndebele strands distal to the cascading strands.

Instructor: Adele KimpellInstructor Bio - 2017

Technique used: 
Ndebele Herringbone
Level: all levels
Prerequisites: A desire to work with multi-hole beads

Class fee: $35
Kit fee: $40 
Kit is not required for this class.
See below for full kit Information and any additional supplies students will need.

Date: Saturday May 6, 2017 
Time: 2:30 - 5:30
Length: 3 hours
Most students will not complete the project in the allotted time.
Class size:15

Mail-In registration closes: May 1, 2017
On-Line registration closes: May 5, 2017
Last date for refunds: May 5, 2017

Kit includes: 11 seed beads, 15 Japanese seed beads, two-hole Czech tile beads, Fireline, beading needle, ball & socket clasp, microcrystalline wax, detailed pattern with full color instructions.
Full kit Information will be released only to paid students.

Additional supplies students will need: beading mat, scissors or thread burner, personal task lamp, if desired.

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