Micro Macrame Wrap Bracelet

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Class description: This class will teach you five of the most common knots (square knots, half knots, overhand knots, double half hitches and larks head knots) used in micro macrame projects while making a fun wrap bracelet.  This class is great for beginning students as a way to get familiar with knotting and working with cord and is a good review for more seasoned knotters.   

Instructor: Sherri StokeyInstructor Bio - 2017
Technique used: micro macrame
Level: all levels
Prerequisites: None

Class fee: $40
Kit fee: $20 
Kit required. Kit recommended.Students will be allowed to bring their own supplies but they'll need to make sure the beads they choose will fit on the cord - I really recommend the kits. 
See below for full kit Information and any additional supplies students will need.

Date: Saturday May 6, 2017
Time: 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm 
Length: 3 hours
Students will not complete the project in the allotted time.
Class size: 20

Mail-In registration closes: May 1, 2017
On-Line registration closes: May 5, 2017
Last date for refunds: May 5, 2017

Questions: Contact Sherri Stokey   e-mail: Sherri.Stokey@ymail.com

Kit includes: Tex400 nylon cord, 6/0 seed beads, 8/0 seed beads, toggle clasp, assorted beads(can include recycled glass, bone, wood, ceramic, metal, art beads, crystal, Czech glass, etc.)
Full kit information will be released only to paid students.

Additional supplies students will need: Pinning surface(macrame board or cork board, etc.) pins.

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