Octium Bracelet Suppy List

Octium Bracelet Supply List 

Octium Bracelet celebrates the designs from the Art Deco period. This Art Deco inspired bracelet features a sparkling octagonal centerpiece which is connected to a series of smaller hexagonal elements, embellished with crystals and seed beads. A beautiful stone-studded clasp adds to the glamour of the piece. This vintage inspired bracelet is the perfect accessory for every occasion.

Techniques: CRAW, RAW, peyote and other stitches.

5g Size 15 seed Antique Gold 
10g Size 11 Seed Antique Gold 
5g Size 11 Seed Metallic Blue 
3g Size 11 Seed Matte Blue
88 Crystal Bicones 3mm
26 Pearls or rounds 3mm
1 Rivoli Aquamarine 18mm 

Kit Price $80.00-$100.00
Kits will be available in 3 or 4 colors.

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Contact: Jay@nchantme.com
Original Design by Jayashree Paramesh