September 2018 Program

The Spring Retreat Will Be Announced at the September Meeting.
The Spring Retreat Lottery will be held at the October meeting.  Please review the Retreat Lottery information if you have questions.

Boho Bangle Bracelet

The September 14th Program will feature the Boho Bangle Bracelet.  This is a quick bracelete using delica beads and a few other beads. This Pattern was designed by Kimberly Morgan.  
See the list of supplies below.

Members are asked to print and bring their own copy of the pattern.  
The pattern link is provided here:  Boho Bali Bangle Bracelet.pdf

Supply list for 9 sections… 
Delica’s size 11 (648) 
11/0 Seed beads (182)  
For smaller picot use 15/0 seed beads (see photo to the right)  
18 - 4mm Firepolish or rice pearls
pinch beads, rounds etc.  
Beading thread (12 feet) I use K.O. thread in a matching color.  If you prefer to use fire line I would use 6lb.  
Beading needles size 10 and or 12 for the tighter spots 
Thread cutters  
Flat Nose plyers – For pushing and pulling needle through any tight spots

Pat Kuehn,
Aug 24, 2018, 9:16 AM