July Program

Tubular Herringbone Bracelet
(Picture will be posted later)
Learn Tubular Herringbone by creating a lovely bracelet.  Pat Kuehn will show you
how to make a quick little bracelet using size 8 seed beads.  Come to "Early Bird Beading" to
get a head start.  By the time the meeting is over you may be wearing a cute little trinket.
Here is what you will need:
       Printable written directions from Fusion Beads (See below supplies list)
  • 3 Colors of size 8 seed beads
              (if you are just learning this technique try to use 3 colors with good contrast.                                                            It will make your life easier)
  • Closure of your choice                                                                                                                                           (a small toggle, lobster claw with jump ring or round magnet will work nicely)
  • 2  8mm round beads for each end or you may also use cones on each end  8mm bead caps. You do not need to use any of these but they will make a more finished piece.
  • Fireline 6 lb or 8 lb
  • Needles size 10
  • Thread Heaven
  • Bead Mat and magnifiers as needed
  • Written Directions from Fusion Beads links below:
                You will need to print both sets of directions below:
                      1.   For the pattern only:
                      2.   For the clasp only:
Many thanks to Fusion Beads for allowing us to use their written directions.  Please look at their website
for other excellent beading information and great deals on beads.  www.fusionbeads.com