November Program

                                                                      Triangle Rings
                                            Instructor Sylvia Tanner
Sylvia will teach you to make these clever little rings in the snap of a finger (or two).   A simple combination of the Peyote & Herringbone stitches will be used to create these rings.  Before you know it you will be designing these for everyone you know.  What great gifts for the upcoming holidays.  
                                                    Materials needed:
                                                   *3 grams of size 11/0 beads in one to three colors.
                                                      Delicas are the easiest type to work with, but other types (So-Ho, Czeck) will work.
                                                   *7 each, 2mm round Swarovski crystals  for beginners.
                                                      Members who are familiar with making triangles can challenge themselves
                                                      by using 3mm or 4mm round crystals, or may use any 2mm round beads. Bicones
                                                      will work, but round crystals are better.
                                                   *Ring mandrel or a tape measure
                                                   *Needle, thread, thread conditioner, scissors, visor, light, bead mat, etc.