Spiral Rope Workshop

Spiral Rope-(DNA) Single or Double
       Instructor: Sylvia Tanner
                                           Sunday, March 27, 2011
                                                         1pm - 4pm
                                 5905 Slater  Merriam, KS

           (1 Block East of I-35 at Johnson Dr. just behind the Walgreens)

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Students will learn to make a single or double spiral rope bracelet. You will love adding this basic technique to you bag of beading tricks.  Once Sylvia teaches you the basics of either the single or double rope, you will be busy creating gifts for all your friends and family.  You will use this basic technique over and over.  Don't miss this opportunity to build your beading skills. 


Sylvia will have samples at the March Bead Society Meeting.


  Top Double Rope                              Member Class Fee $20           

  Bottom Single Rope                          Non-Member Class  Fee $34


                                                       Kits will also be available:

                                                       $8.00  Double Rope Kit

                                                       $6.00  Single Rope Kit


                                                       Students will need to bring:

                                                            *   strong thread

                                                                  (Nymo 0 or Silamide)

                                                            *   wax or Thread Heaven

                                                            *   size 12 beading needle
                                                            *   magnifiers, light & extension cord if necessary


                                                      Students may bring your own supplies.

                                                            *   at least two colors of size 11/0 seed beads

                                                            *   some matching or contrasting size 6/0 seed beads
                                                                  (plus various other sizes can be included)


                                                Questions regarding this class or supplies contact your instructor

                                                             Sylvia Tanner: Stonedsylly@juno.com


                                            Registration Form 

                                                                                                                                                              Updated 2-28-11