June Program

Bring your own project.  There will not be a group project this month.  Work on your latest project or finish one 
From  our monthly programs.

Garage Sale
Sale or trade your goodies with another member.
Clean out your bead stash. Maybe someone else will be able to use those beads you just couldn't live without and
haven't used yet. This a great opportunity to find a new home for all those beads you have loved so dearly but have
not yet used. Bring any bead related items you want to place in a new home. This includes beads, findings, tools,
storage, magazines and books or any other bead related materials you may have.
Officer Elections
The following people have agreed to serve as officers this year:
President:  Leann Roberts
First Vice President: Mary Lynne Westervelt
           Programs & Activities
Second Vice President: Sylvia Tanner
          Ways & Means-Fundraising and Bead Blast
Third Vice President:  Dee Edwards
          Communications - Newsletter & Website
Treasurer:  Sue Ellen Flescher
Secretary:  Jennifer Harrah
Note:  If you are interested in running for an office please feel free to put your name in nomination at the
           meeting.  Or, if you prefer, contact a nominating committee member (Susie White) 
           and ask them to add your name to the list.