August Program 2014

                            Into the Blue by Fusion Beads

Sue Reeder will lead the August Program.  She will help you create a bracelet using a pattern from Fusion Beads.  

This bracelet uses the herringbone weave and inserts tile beads. Sue says, "the directions from Fusion Beads refers to CzechMates, but I’ve used Miyuki Tilas also and they work fine.  The clasp in the instructions

is 3 strand, but 4 strand can also be used.  This project increases our understanding of the flat herringbone with different beads and is fun to do!"

Supply List


Copy of the pattern from Fusion Beads

     Here is the pattern link to download & print:

1 gram size 11 seed beads

11 grams size 8 sed beads

34 tile beads

tube bar clasp 3 strand

6lb Fireline 

size 12 needles

Wax or Thread Heaven, mat and other common supplies

From the link you can download and print to bring to class the instructions. Also Fusion has a nice list

of these supplies on the first screen. I will prepare a few copies to have at the class also.


Many thanks to Fusion Beads for allowing the KC Bead Society to utilize their pattern.