November Program

                                                                               Dody Stevens will lead the November Program

   Dody has designed a special pattern just for our members to learn at the November meeting.  Once you make one of these wonderful little right angle weave bracelets you will want to make one for every person on your gift list.  Dody knows how to get us ready for the holidays.  Ho ho ho!


Materials Needed for a 71/4" bracelet

      *  77-87 tilas (approximately half of a 3" tube of)
              more if you need a longer bracelet.               

       *  28-32 Swarovski crystals either 3mm or 4mm                    
               more for a longer bracelet
               count depends on two things - size of crystals and what size 11°s used. 

       3-4 grams 11° beads  can be Japanese or Delicas

         *  1 gram 15° beads

         *  Silamide or other beading thread.  Dody does not recommend using Fireline as it makes
                 a stiff bracelet with little to no flexibility.

          *  Clasp of your choice

                Anything but a slide clasp. It's not really suited to this bracelet.


Dody says, "I made this bracelet four times to check different materials.  The first version was using 3mm crystals and Czech 11°s with 87 tilas; the other versions I used 4mm crystals with Japanese 11° or delicas.  I found that the delica version required more tilas [87] than the Japanese as well as more  "