September Program

Bead Quilling with Liz Harrison


Liz Harrison will teach members Bead Quilling at the September Meeting.  Bead quilling looks similar to paper quilling.  It is an interesting process using square stitch which will add a unique technique to member's beading skills. Join Liz at Early Bird Beading to get your project started.  This program will be techniques based.  Participants can make a single pendant or a pair of earrings.

2  Round beads 8mm
Size 8 delicas or cylinder beads
10 -12  Size 11 seed beads
Thread to match delicas or cylinder beads
  (Thread shows a lot)
Beading needles, Bead Mat and Beading Supplies


In 2008, Kathy developed an innovative bead weavingtechnique called “Bead Quilling” in which the holes of the glass beads and thread are exposed, allowing the thread color to become an integral part of the final design.

Kathy King is an award-winning jewelry artist, beading instructor and author of Bead Quilled Jewelry: New Beadwork Designs with Square Stitch published by Creative Publishing International.

Learn more about Kathy King and view her work with Bead Quilling at:      Or see her book Bead Quilled Jewelry.