Rules for Retreat Participation

1.  Who can go to retreats.
     Members who 
have paid their dues as of February of the year    

     the retreat instructor is announced may register.   If all openings are not 
     filled by the above named then new
ER members may attend.

2.  There will be 15 seats available for open registration.
        Because of required planning, organizing, co-ordination with B&B, instructor  
        communications, & payment of concerned parties the Program committee   
 and First Vice President will automatically attend out-of-town retreats.

3.  When Will Registration Begin

      a)  Announce Date, Instructor & opening of registration in newsletter prior to announcement meeting.

      b)  Announce Date, Instructor & opening of registration at regular monthly membership meeting one

            month  prior to opening of registration. 
      c)  Date & Instructor will also be announced in the subsequent Month's newsletter just 
           prior to the meeting when registration opens.


                Example:  Announce Date, Instructor and opening of registration in September Newsletter.

                                   Announce Date, Instructor and opening of registrationat September meeting.  

                                   Announce  Date,  Instructor and  opening of registration in October Newsletter

                                    (which is published one week prior to October meeting). 

                                   Registration will open at October meeting.

      d)  Registration must be accompanied with a $50 deposit.  Deposits may be in the form of cash, check, 
           money order or Bead Bucks.

 4.  How do I Register

       a)   A drawing will be held at the meeting when registration is opened.

       b)   An eligible member must submit in writing, their contact information (name, address, phone number and

             email address) and deposit to the first Vice President or their designee at or before the opening of


       c)  The first 15 names drawn will attend the retreat.

       d)  The remaining names will be placed on the wait list in the order 


5.  What if I cannot attend the meeting when registration opens?
        You must contact the designated Committee Member taking registrations & 
         provide them with your contact information (name, address phone number & email address) & deposit prior

         to the Opening of Registration meeting.  You name will then be added to drawing with all other names     

6.  Who may Waitlist?
        Any paid member may 
ask to be on the wait list once the drawings are completed.

7.  Please Note: No registration will be accepted without a $50 deposit in the form of cash, check, 
     money order or Bead Bucks.


8.  What if I need to cancel?

         Full refunds will be made up to 60 days prior to the retreat.  If  the spot can be filled after that date

         a full refund will be made.  If the spot cannot be filled after that date then no refund will be made.