November Program 2016

      Friendship Wheels

Joan Braymen and Dee Edwards will show us how to construct these cute little Friendship Wheels.  You can make two and have a pair of earrings or make several and hang on a rope around your neck.  You might even want to trade a few with your tablemates at the meeting .You will use a basic netting technique to build the wheels.  Joan said she learned this pattern from her Texas bead buddy Sharon Campbell at the January 2016 Texas Bead Retreat.  Join us for "Early Bird Beading" beginning at 5 pm.  Patterns will be available. 

Here is a list of supplies needed to complete a single wheel.

Size 11 seed beads (117 per wheel)
3mm or 4mm Czech glass beads, crystals or pearls (27 per wheel)
6 lb. Fireline or thread of choice
Size 12 beading needle

Contest Beads will be distributed at the November Meeting. 

 If you would like to participate attend the meeting and receive your bead so your imagination can begin to fly.  The Contest is always lots of fun.    Experienced or inexperienced?  It doesn't matter.  Just join in the fun and create something original from your imagination.  We have had robots, dragons and bugs just to name a few.  Join the fun.  Get your bead at the November meeting.  Bring your finished original work back to the February meeting where your fellow members will vote to select the winner.   Here are the Contest Rules.  February 2017 Contest Rules can also be found on the home page and in the sidebar area.
First place is $75.00, Second Place is $50, Third Place is free 2017 annual membership.