May Program - St. Petersburg Chain


St. Petersburg Chain Bracelet

          Instructor: Jacquie Moore

To complete the bracelet as shown:

Red, White & Blue

        Size 8 seed beads in red, white, blue and silver

 Brown and Blue

                                                                 Size 8 seed beads in two colors.  Jacquie used brown and blue.

                                                          Size D beading thread or Fireline

                                                          Size 12 beading needle

The instructions for St. Petersburg chain are in the Bead Boot Camp booklet for those who have it and maybe they can share.

Jacquies says size 11 seed beads will also work.  She says it  is such a versatile stitch, it can be done in just about any combination of sizes including fire polish or crystals ( size 3 or 4).