April Program - Disc Shapes & Beads

                  Presented by Millie Irwig and Mary Lynne Westervelt
Here is a link to the Bead Society Of Great Britain
The Bead Society of Great Britain has generously allowed us the use of this pattern.
Pattern will be available at the membership meeting in April.
Bring Your UFO's to the April meeting.  Maybe some of our more experienced beaders
can assist with any problems.

    Materials list for project:

  • Seed beads (11/0)
  • Discs (brass washers from a hardware store).
  • Feature beads that fit inside the hole in the disc,
  • 4mm crystal bicones are suggested on the pattern handout.
  • For the clasp shown on the pattern handout, 26 gauge brass wire to attach decorative beads.
  • One (1) larger brass washer.
  • 1mm (18 gauge) wire to make toggle shown on pattern handout.

Pattern may be worked using one (1) needle or with two (2) needles.

Fireline was used because of any roughness of the brass washers.