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Registration Form


                                                   Registration Form 


Class Name: Chain Mail


Instructor/s: Bob Kennedy


Bring rgistration form with payment to class or mail registration form and payment to:


                                                     The Bead Society of Kansas City,

                                                      Attention: Class Registration

                                                      P.O. Box 255,

                                                      Independence, MO 6405                                                                                              Call Pat Kuehn for registration at 816-898-9333 or email at webmaster@kcbeadsociety.org



Student name:___________________________________________________




City: State: Zip:___________________________________________________


Phone: (___) _______________Email:_________________________________


Workshop Fee: Bead Society Members $20 Non-member $34 Circle one please. 


Paid with: Check #            Cash          Bead Bucks


Tear off and keep lower half of this form for your records



Date & Location

Class Date  10-16-2010 & Time:  11:00 am to 3:00 pm -  Please be on time.


Location: 5905 Slater, Merriam, KS

                (Just east of I-35 and just south of Johnson Dr., right behind the Walgreens)


Paid with:Check #                Cash            Bead Bucks


Questions? Check Bead Society website or contact Instructor/s:

Late Registration Contact Your Instructor

(Student name)_________________________________________ is registered


for Class:  Chain Mail with Bob Kennedy


Each student will need to bring the following to the workshop: Basic beading supplies, light and extension cord. Refer

to website for specific supplies for each class.  You might want a comfortable cushion and something to drink.