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February Program

Annual Bead Contest! 

                                                           Beaded Beads
     Enter a finished project using a beaded bead you have created and win one of three prizes.
Win a $50 gift certificate for first place
       a $25 gift certificate for second place
       a one year membership in the Bead Society for third place
Winner is selected by a vote of the membership present at the meeting.  Winners will be announced at the meeting.
              Februay Project to be Complete at Early Bird Beading 
Basic wire stringing techniques were discussed at the January meeting. Wire types,
tools and techniques were covered.  We learned how to produce a high
quality project.  We learned to move our projects from ho-hum to fabulous!
We began a caterpillar bracelet and will complete it at the February meeting. 
If you are a beginner we will help you complete this project at the February meeting during our
Early Bird Beading which begins at 5:00 pm. 
You will learn:
  • how to string beads on nylon coated stainless steel cable wire.
  • how to use crimps and crimp pliers
  • how to use crimp covers (not required)
  • how to use wire guards (not required)
  • how to attach a closure 

At the January meeting we did the base of the caterpiller.

  For the base you will need:

  • a length of 19 strand-coated cable wire to go around your wrist plus 6 inches
  • crimps
  • crimp covers
  • wire guards
  • clasp (lobster, box, toggle)
  • seed beads size 6 (6 round is best for the first but could also use other shapes and sizes)   
  • wire cutters,
  • crimp pliers,
  • needle nose pliers
  • beading mat
  • lights, extention cord and magnifiers if needed
  For the beginner we will help you complete the bracelet at the February early bird beading.  If you missed the January meeting we can help you catch up.  Just bring the above materials.
       To complete the caterpillar bracelet you will need:
  • coordinating size 11 seed beads 
  • other beads from your stash for embellishing the caterpillar 
     ( use crystals, pearls, and czech glass beads or anything from your stash)
  • you could also just use your size 11 or 15's. 
  • think outside the box and use up your left overs from other projects