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Membership Application

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Please note dues have changed to amounts below.  Forms and Applications may not be up to date.
Correct Amounts are as show just below.

New Annual Dues are $24 for the period from February thru January.  Dues are prorated as follows:
March - $22
April - $20
May - $18
June - $16
July- $14
August- $12
September- $10
October- $8
November- $6
December- $4
January- $2
Please download the Membership Application Below (see red pdf icon below),  print and bring to the next membership meeting along with your prorated dues. 
    (See Correct Prorated Dues Above.  Attached Form Has Not been updated)

Can't attend a meeting? Then mail your application along with prorated dues to address on the applications to:
   K C Bead Society
   PO Box 255
   Independence, MO 64051-255

Make your check payable to KC Bead SocietyPlease note the correct prorated dues are listed above.  We do not have updated applications at this time.

Also note,  prorated dues are for new members joining the KC Bead Society.  Previous member dues are $24 annually.

If you mail your application please let us know by emailing us at:

For Questions contact us at:
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