Kumihimo: Dragon Scales and other Tales

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Learn to make this lovely Star Flower Brooch just in time for Mother’s Day. The Star Flower is made entirely with Czech glass dagger and drop beads and a needle and thread in a variation of Peyote stitch. A small strong gauss magnet glued to the back fastens it on your lapel, purse, shoe, etc. The student will finish a Star Flower in class and the instructor will discuss simple techniques to attach it to a bracelet or beaded ring.

Instructor: Adele Kimpell  Ms Kimpell is an experienced bead designer and instructor.  She has been teaching for the past ten years.  Most recently having taught at Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild Bead Retreat, the Upper Midwest Bead Society, the Madison Art Glass and Bead Show, the Marshalltown, Iowa Bead Bash, the Bead Monkey in Minneapolis and St. Paul, the Nordic Gypsy in Rochester, MN and Bead Culture in Jackson, MI.  Ms. Kimpbell is part owner of a small business, Bead Dreamers, whose focus is designing, authoring patterns and teaching.
Level:  Beginner
Class Fee:  $20      Kit Fee:  $15
Date: Saturday April 30, 2011
Time:  10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Length:  2 Hour
Kit Includes:  All directions, diagrams, and beads to make one Star Flower.                                                      
  • 6 - 3x10mm Dagger Beads
  • 12 - 5x16mm Dagger Beads
  • 9 - 4x6mm Drop Beads
  • 6 - 6x9mm Drop Beads
  • 10-12lb PowerPro Thread (this is a must have item - other threads are not strong enough)
  • Size 12 beading needles
  • 1/4 inch diameter, magnet
  • Kit is available in multiple color ways
    Students may provide their own supplies.
Additional Supplies needed: Scissors, personal task lamp and/or magnification, if desired. 
                                              (Instructor provides work surface which is returned to instructor after class)
Mail-in Registration Closes:  April 22, 2011.  Students May Register on line until April 29, 2011.
                                                                    Students may sign in day of class if seats are still available.
Class Minimun:  3         Class Maximum:  15
Questions?  Contact the instructor: 
 Adele Kimpell 
 Phone: 612-730-5821   
 Email:  adele@kimpell.us
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updated 3-07-2011