Learn More About Melanie Rees

Since I was a small child I have had an interest in the arts. At age 7 I learned
to crochet under my grandmother’s guidance. In 1970 I began painting with
the help of one of my teachers. That led to a scholarship to the Art Institute of
Kansas City, which I now regret I never used. By the time I was in my twenties
I was proficient in knitting and crocheting which led me to another passion –
teaching. The North Kansas City Adult Education Center provided a place to
share my love for the arts with others.

From there my interests took me back to what I loved in high school – painting.
For many years I painted in oils.

Like many artists, my interests have changed through several different mediums
until I found Jewelry in October 2000. I was diagnosed with a major illness and
my doctor thought a hobby would keep my mind and fingers busy. I came to
love beads, wire and all things jewelry. Today I design pieces that appeal to a
broad range of people. They are also things that I love and wear myself.

I have been teaching at the Bead Boutique in Kansas City since 2005.
I also teach at Dry Gulch in Joplin MO and the Bead Blast. I love to share my
passion with others.

I work mostly in Sterling Silver and Gold Filled wires. My stones are genuine
gemstones or Swarovski crystals and some CZ’s or lab created stones. Wire
Sculpture and I are a great fit. I can create many different items with the twist
and shape of wire. That is were the true artist in me comes out.

The beads I use are also mostly gemstones, however I do use glass beads
when requested or when I can’t get gemstones in the color needed. Swarovski
crystal beads are also a good choice.