Lentille Bracelet

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Got Lentils? Now you can wear then instead of cooking them. The Lentille bracelet is worked in the designers adaptation of Ndebele Herringbone stitch for the CzechMates two-hole, lentil shaped bead. This bracelet has a supple drape and a natural curve worked into it with two-drop herringbone columns on the back side and quasi two-drop herringbone columns on the front. The project works up quickly because of its four-bead per stitch technique. If you are new to the Herringbone stitch, this project will have you hooked in no time. If you already work with the Herringbone stitch, you will revel in the possibilities that exist in the design.

Instructor: Adele Kimpell

Instructor Bio: Adele Kimpell is a Minnesota based, primarily self-taught beader, who has had a love affair with needle and thread arts since the age of 13. Introduced to off-loom bead weaving in 1994, she spent her 8 years learning and experimenting with technique and has been designing jewelry, authoring and illustrating patterns and teaching for the last 12 years at bead shops, bead societies, guilds, and bead shows at a national level. Adele's philosophy is to design for the novice to intermediate bead artist but to incorporate elements that appeal to the advanced bead artist. Adele loves to pass on her knowledge and skills and to give her students a solid foundation in technique and to help instill in them the self-confidence to design and create on their own. She derives satisfaction from seeing how each student embraces a project and makes it his/her own. She is known by her students for her well written instructions with full color illustrations, her patience, her knowledge and helpful hints and tips. Adele is the founder of, and a partner in, Bead Dreamers LLC. Adele is currently the Newsletter Editor for the Upper Midwest Bead Society and is a 2014 Starman Trendsetter.

Class Level: All Levels

Class Fee: $26.00

Students may bring their own supplies or purchase a kit

Kit Fee: $39.00

Kit Includes: 7 gms 11/0 Japanese seed beads

150 - 6 mm CzechMates two-hole lentils

Fireline - 8 lb weight

Size 10 beading needle

Dritz size 3/0 dressmaker snap and Classic Toggle clasp

Microcrystalline wax

Detailed pattern with full color illustrations

Additional Supplies Needed: Scissors, beading mat, personal task lamp if desired.

Class Date: Sunday May 4, 2014

Class Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Class Length: 3 hours

Some students will finish project in time allotted

Class Maximum: 15

Mail-In Registration Closes: April 25, 2014 5:00 pm

On-Line Registration Closes: May 2, 2014 5:00 pm

Students may register day of class if seats are still available

Questions: Contact Instructor Adele Kimpell

Website: www.beadreamers.net

E-Mail: adele.kimpell@gmail.com

Phone: (612) 730-5821

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updated 5-1-2014