2020 Beki Haley Retreat

The annual retreat drawing will be held at the 2019 October 11th meeting.

If you would like to enter the drawing please contact Carol Mundy . She will add you to the drawing.

Beki Haley will be the Instructor for the 2020 Annual Spring Bead Retreat April 24, 25, & 26. The retreat will be at held at Pleasantan KS. Projects will voted on after the first of the year by retreat participants.

Beki is a talented designer and bead artist. She teaches at Bead Stores around the country and maintains an on-line bead store, Whim Beads.

You can view some of Beki's work at her blog: http://bekihaley.blogspot.com/

Here is Beki's Whimbeads webpage: http://www.whimbeads.com/cart.asp Here you will find lots of beautiful beads.