Contest 2022 Winners & Participants


Bead Society of Greater Kansas City Annual Contest

The New Year Brings an annual Bead Society of Greater Kansas City tradition back to us all.

It is time for our friendly beading competition. All members of the Bead Society of Greater Kansas City are welcome to submit an entry.

The prizes are:

1st place $75

2nd place $50

3rd place $25

We have decided to provide a pattern and let your creativity take it from there. There are instructions attached for making a Faerie. She was a free pattern from The Beadworkers Guild for their International Beading Week. (I think there is a modification to make her hat different. )

Rules: follow the pattern for the Faerie using any colors and types of beads you like. You are allowed to modify the pattern to suit yourself as long as faerie is still recognizable. The instructions include photos of a number of faeries in different color combinations and themes.

Have fun making one.

Entries are due February 11, 2022.

We'll vote on them during the February meeting and would like to display them at the March Gem and Mineral Show. We'll have details on collecting them after the holidays.

Here is the Pattern For the 2022 Contest: