2016 Breast Cancer Squares

Beading Forward Project

We had a total of 31 squares to send in for the “Beading It Forward” project.  The following beaders  put forth an awesome effort:

 Alyson Whiting (12)

Teresa Medlock (3)

Dody Stevens (2)

Sylvia Tanner(2)

Leanne Roberts (2)

Carolyn DeGroff (2)

Sue Reeder (2)

Sharon Murray (1)

Marilyn Wyatt (1)

Mary Peal (1)

Jacquie Moore (1)

Dee Edwards (1)

Malinda Bolm (1). 

Dee would also like to take this opportunity to thank Carolyn DeGroff for sharing her patterns with other members.  We are beaders working together to make our Society one to be proud to be a member of.  As soon as I know the theme for 2016, I will start passing out the squares again.

Many thanks to Dee Edwards.  She has organized the Beading Forward project for the past several years.