2019 Liisa Turunen Retreat Photos

Liisa cracked the whip and we worked hard.

Lots of concentration. 

More concentration .

Even more concentration.

Bead Bead Bead.

Remember, sitting is the new smoking!

Oh no not again. I know, I know.

Sitting is the "new smoking".

Keep moving so we can keep beading.  Remember, Sitting is the new  smoking!

Oh my gosh, they are eating again.

Good food.

Lovely settings.

Great conversations.

Beautiful scenery.

So much fun.

Lot's of togetherness.

Another great retreat.

Move over please.

Everyone had a great time.

When does the next retreat start.  

Oh!  Look a cat!

I love cats.

I mean I really, really like cats. 

Thanks Liisa for all the "blingy" beautiful kits and patterns.