2015 August Snow Day Workshop Pictures

Baby It's Cold Outside-Burrrrr! So we declared a Snow Day!

But we were warm and toasty inside.

Sue-Ellen said she had to follow a snowplow to get to the workshop.

  Beading on a Snowy Day.  What could be better?          

Best Snow Day Garb went to June Duckworth. She had on her red bathrobe, slipper socks, warm jammie's, and her hair still in rag curls.  She looked adorable when she walked through the door.June won a case full of mini snow balls.

  Of course, exercising.....

We learned to make three projects.  Each took about an hour.  Now when we

need a quick gift we can go to our stash and whip it up in a snap.

               Our hands that is!