Free Beading Patterns

Many Bead Artists are providing free Patterns at this time. This is a great opportunity to try out patterns from many of your favorite designers. Several are included here. If you find a free pattern from a designer please send the link to the pattern to and we will add it to this page if possible. Hopefully you are getting lots of beadwork completed during this time.

Please share photo's of your finished work with us at . We would to see what you are working on.

Stay well and know all your friends at the Bead Society are thinking about you and missing you. Join us for our upcoming Zoom meetings.

  • Laura McCabe has a free patterns section on her website. Be sure to go to this link. Laura has provide many free patterns to keep you busy.

She has also been adding kits in an attempt to keep us busy.

  • Sabine Lippert has been checking in daily to her Facebook page and did a Facebook live video showing us how to create a small beaded bead. Sabine also offers several free patterns on her website.

  • Melissa Shippee has several free patterns on her website. Melissa is also doing a You Tube Live on April 9th. She will work on her Wild Geranium necklace. She has said that you are welcome to stop in even if you are not working on that project. Details are on her website.

  • Heather Collins Patterns

  • Leslee Frumin has also offered her Variations necklace as a free download. She has added more downloadable patterns to her shop (and mentioned that she has kits for some of those—you just need to ask her).

  • Nancy Cain -from her Facebook page-Free -For two weeks, starting at Noon (ET) on March 26 and ending on April 9, Bluprint is hosting an "All You Can Watch Event." During this period, you can stream any content for free! While no credit card is required to take part, they do ask you to create a registration to view content. Use this link:

Several Artist have made Patterns available through their Etsy Store however Etsy will not allow anything for less than $1 thus you will be charged.

  • Amy Katz has a pattern for $1 in her Etsy store.

There is no kit for this pattern. If you need the beads to complete it, please support your local bead shops and make the purchases through them. They are really hurting right now, and they are important to us all.