May Program

The Regular May 10, 2020 Monthly Meeting is scheduled at this time. The Old Mission United Methodist Church will make a final decision about closing activities in May at a later date.

Pat Kuehn host this May project. Please print and bring your copy of the pattern below. Pat will provide the Rivoli's needed. This would make a cute Mothers Day gift or other quick gift using Birth Month colors. You will find these addictive. So come to the May meeting and lets bead together! Join us at 5:00 pm for Early Bird Beading.

Here is a direct link to the pattern:

The Pattern below is a free design from Heather Kingsley-Heath. She designed it to Celebrate National Beading Week in 2017 in the United Kingdom. You can find a few other free patterns as well as many wonderful paid patterns on her website here.

Here is the link to the International Beading Week sponsored by the Bead Worker Guild in the UK.

Beady Peeps.pdf