What We're Working On

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Thank you to Christina Berger for sharing her work with us this month.

Christina is currently obsessed with weaving on her loom. After taking a few several classes with Erin Simonetti, Christina has been working through the numerous kits and patterns she has acquired from Erin.

Christina was kind enough to share a sampling of her loom weaving. All of these were designed by Erin Simonetti and beaded by Christina.

Erin’s blog is full of tips for weaving on the loom. Her website contains links to galleries of her finished work. You can follow Erin (and see her teaching schedule) on Facebook and find her patterns in her Etsy shop.

All of us like “show and tell” and not everyone gets to see all the gorgeous projects our members create. Each month, I’d like to shine the spotlight on a different member and share what she’s currently working on or something she’s recently completed.

If you would like to contribute to this section, please send the following to Tanya (Goodwin.tanya@gmail.com or newslettereditor@kcbeadsociety.org):

  • photos of your current or past project
  • a link to the patterns and designer
  • your website (if you have one)